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Elmwood Village Health
Dr. Katherine Frachetti

1083 Delaware Ave. Buffalo, NY
Phone (716)-768-4636 -|- FAX (716)-768-4656

Dr. Frachetti and her staff are focused on managing your diabetes and hormonal disorders. Our goal is to establish a positive, results-based relationship. We are here to help you understand the management and treatment options that best support your health and wellness goals.

About Us

Utilizing diagnostic tests, blood work and ultrasounds, we diagnose and monitor your conditions. Since many conditions are chronic, we work with you to develop a long-term management plan that minimizes the impact of your disorder. Our Board-certified physician (MD) and Certified Physician’s Assistant (PA) will coordinate all aspects of your care.
We offer Continuous Blood Glucose Monitoring, an FDA-approved device inserted under the skin and used to monitor blood glucose levels continuously. We assist patients with the application process, training, start up, and follow-up treatments. We work with all major insulin pump devices found on the market today.

Dr. Katherine Frachetti attained her Bachelor's degree from Cornell University....
Chelsea Snyder is a Board Certified Physician Assistant. She graduated...